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Dietary Fat is NOT the problem

Curious to know what your source is for this comment:
"Pregnant women who eat all kinds of fatty, processed foods appear to have bigger kids—who often stay big."

While I fully agree processed food is a major culprit for obesity, the research is clearly showing fat is NOT the problem.

Can we stop vilifying fat and start focusing on the real problems with our dietary habits: highly processed and refined carbs, added sugars, and inflammation-promoting vegetable oils.

Every 400 lber who eats 600 calorie a day will lose weight ...

I've never seen a measured REE under 900 cals/day, and that was not for a large adult.

Eat Less, Move More, Lose Weight.

"Having watched 400 pound people eat 600 calories and not lose a pound, I can assure you: it’s not just about what you eat."

If you fed a 400 pound person over the course of a day a slice of bread and water, would they lose weight? Of course. To deny this would be to deny what we know about the human body.

Shame on Psychology Today for publishing untruths, shame on the medical establishment for allowing this misinformation from one of it's members.

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