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Why sleep alone is not enough–and how to reset your body

How to Get Off Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills increase mortality, worsen memory, aid accidents and are more popular than ever. Shouldn't there be a clear way to get off of them? Read More

What about rotating shift workers?

My husband has worked 3rd shift for 25 years and now, for the last 6 years he has had to rotate on all shifts. He works 2 weeks of first shift, then rotates to 2 weeks of third shift, then 2 weeks of second shift. Needless to say he never sleeps well and has been on ambien for at least 5 years now. I worry about him so much but we don't know what to do about it. If he were to change his career he would not be able to make anywhere near what he makes now and we struggle to pay our bills as it is.

Excellent Article - But It Brings Up An Important Point

I read the previous comment from Anonymous, and they bring up an important point. We naturally want/need to sleep. But our modern day schedules (shift work is by far the most damaging of these) make normal sleep impossible. It seems as though you are forced to deal with the drugs. Is there an answer? Can someone "learn" to change sleep habits every two weeks?

But maybe an even bigger question is "is the shiftwork cycle worth it in the longrun, when you consider that you're likely shaving years off your life by not sleeping well"?


Ambien CR

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I am addicted to non-prescription sleeping pills. I just buy them OTC. The box says they are non habit forming, but that is not true for me. I do take prescription pills that can make me sleep on my own, but I still cannot make myself stop with the sleeping pills. What do others do?

Ever since I stopped using

Ever since I stopped using drugs and alcohol, I have had a sleeping disorder. I have been on sleeping meds for 9 months now, and I want to quit using them. How long do you think it will take for my brain to start making me sleep again?

If you are experiencing sleep

If you are experiencing sleep problems it is best to see a Neurologist and rule out serious sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder - these are just two & there are many more. Don't go it alone. See a Neurologist,

Stopping sleeping pills cold turkey


My dad works 7 days a week, has high stress levels, drinks a lot and has taken a lot of sleeping pills each night. A locum doctor (not his usual) saw my dad when he went to inquire again about chest and shoulder pain and she told him he should stop taking sleeping pills.
He has stopped altogether and has reduced his alcohol consumption. He has been getting very tired and unwell (as well as continued shoulder & chest pain) and I want to know is is safe to stop altogether without reducing over time? he is mid 60's

sleeping tablets

The best way to get off sleeping is regular exercise in morning...

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