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Is Compassion Children’s Most Admirable Quality?

Think of all of the qualities that you admire most in others and that you would most like to instill in your children. My guess is that compassion is high on your list. Why is that? Perhaps because, like diamonds, compassion is a rare gem in a society in which selfishness and disregard for others are as common as rhinestones. Read More

I Agree!

Compassion is something that is found abundantly in kids these days. Well, but this does not indicate that adults cannot be compassionate. It is all the matter of changing the vision to see the behaviors, entitles, and finally the cosmos.

This vision develops on the basis of seeing everyone flawless by understanding completely why people do unpleasant or wrong deeds. No one on this planet likes to do wrong but it is the force of greed, pride, or illusion that makes one do it. In order to overcome, one needs to make an unflinching determination of not doing that particular wrong deed but this needs constant awareness.

The only obstacle to this awareness is intellect that keeps showing others at fault. However, in kids, intellect is yet to develop fully due to which they can do not note faults that otherwise become opinions and prejudices. This is the reason why compassion flows in them naturally. This is also the key to develop compassion in us.

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Jim Taylor, Ph.D., teaches at the University of San Francisco.


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