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The Five Most Common Legal Issues Facing Polyamorists

This blog summarizes the five most common legal issues that face polyamorists and some other sexual and gender minorities, including custody of children, moral clauses in employment contracts, adultery/bigamy, housing, and the importance of location. I end with a note on how polys' race and class privileges help to buffer them from some of the negative legal impact. Read More

Good Morning I preparing

Good Morning
I preparing polemic with the text which is critical of polyamory. In which countries can formalize* relationships poly? I know about 1.Brazil 2012 and 2. Holand 2005. And what about the USA and Canada or in other countries - whether they were in the US and Canada formalized some relationships? Please help me.

Have a nice day

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Elisabeth Sheff, Ph.D., is an expert on polyamory and sexual-minority families with children.


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