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Emotional Intelligence…and Now Personal Intelligence?

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There's many forms of intelligences than all of the species combined.

I'll be the first to admit that I find these many forms of intelligences laughable. I think some are interconnected(Personal and Emotional), others are unintended(memory intelligence). For example, let's talk about emotional intelligence, also known as EQ.

Emotional intelligence sounds to me the lazy way of getting intelligence. I don't know if its intelligent to decode a facial expression, or if its smart to predict the outcome. And that's my problem with emotional intelligence. When the Aztecs built the Mayan temples, for examples, they used one form of intelligence, not a combination of two or three. How can one civilization with no mathematical background built a structure so high? There's a theory out there that involves evolution. When babies are born, what do they see? Their mom, right? Is true, but is also important that the child sees this tall human being. It is believed that with the lack of math, for example, these structures were built to show superiority to the world. After all, height was an understandable form of power. When you are a baby, say two or three, you see your tall mom or dad. You automatically know that caregiver is the boss. It makes intelligent sense to build a structure from a cognitive point of view, and since resources were strictly controlled, it made social sense to build these tall structures. Emotional, nor personal intelligence did not create these structures.

I admit that both emotional and personality intellifence are indeed interesting concepts, so my opinion is only that, an opinion. But I do feel that with so many intelligences popping up faster than birth rates, I feel the phenomena is getting abused by scholars who look for other ways to exploit human thought and behavior. I believe is a coincidence that personality intelligence makes sense because we are all looking for ways to interact with people that are similar to us. I mean, look at our president. The man would do well on a personality and emotional intelligence test, but on a cognitive one? Yeah right.

I just believe that intelligence is getting abused for the wrong purposes. Why not have gaming intelligence? I mean, video games are a form of intelligence. You can interact with a person who plays video games, and therefore, can communicate on an intricate level. Or have the Hollywood intelligence. You'll get paid well, but get ready to make awful movies.

I may be overreacting a bit but I do think that the model is getting overstimulated in an age where social media is becoming a public market. I believe it had to do with the times than anything else. But I ain't a certified expert on the field, so my opinion is irrelevant. However, my parents never went to school. My mom is illiterate, and I'm her scribe. Definitely the genes did not help me expand my knowledge of psychology or any other popular field. Neither did emotional, personality, memory, etc got me to understand Behaviorism and Psychoanalysis. And I think that's the point in all of this. Maybe social intelligence did, but I contribute it more to the environment than a hierarchy or social power(my parents were indeed poor). Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences are acceptable and reasonable terms, but to have a hierarchy of intelligences? The animals are laughing at us; God created more than he bargained. I guess.

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