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Thanks to your article. The

Thanks to your article. The science of analyzing personalities is enjoyable and it's amazing since every human being has a distinctive personality that distinguishes him/her and it can never be matched to any other personality.It's like his/her DNA,it can never be matched.That also makes it impossible to classify the human personality unless that's done in general.

Such wise words

"...a number of positive research reports based on these tests have failed to alter an overwhelmingly skeptical response from psychologists. Those who argue against the findings make the reasonable claim that many failures to find the effect are never published, leading, in essence, to an over-counting of positive findings..."

This highlights the fact that much research is driven not by research and results but by the personal beliefs of those who do research and get results. No amount of empirical evidence will ever convince those who do not believe or who do not want to believe in something contrary to their own hardwired beliefs.

It is the same in any discipline. Personal beliefs determine investigation, discovery, interpretation of results and conclusions. If someone is against an idea, it takes a miracle not evidence to change his/her opinion. Sometimes it takes a generation of non believers to die out before a new idea can be accepted on its merit. History is replete with new ideas thrown out, their proposers either killed or professionally ruined, denigrated and personally destroyed. New ideas are dangerous to the members of the old regime who have much invested in the way they want it to be, not necessarily the way that it is, or the way it could potentially be.

And as for publishing positive findings, the drug researchers have been doing that for ages. The mountain of unsuccessful research could probably rival Everest. Publishers, journals, etc are not interested in negative results and have been called to task about the bias in publishing.

Will any of this ever change until the detractors are finally dead?

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