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well if you promote and

well if you promote and favour one personality over another and give one more advantages in life (like this society which we live in)...yeah one will be more successful overall. It's no rocket science. And I love how movies often pit the beautiful hero (extrovert meme) over the dark, evil, skinny and ugly villian (introvert meme) -- and who do you think will win at the end, save the world, get the princess and live happily ever after? The same is done for females.

I have a problem with your "big 5" personality traits, it excludes introversion. How can you have OPENNESS trait, if you are excluding 1/3 to half of the population? That's like saying men are better than women -- so let's ignore women.

Thanks to your article. The

Thanks to your article. The science of analyzing personalities is interesting but what makes it surprising and puzzling is that each human being has a unique personality that can never be matched 100 per cent with another one. That leaves us wondering about such diversity even though there is a lot shared among humans.

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