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How Does Your Teenage Son Feel About His Mom Taking the SAT? (and other FAQs)

Hint: It's not really about getting the "Perfect Score"

Q. Do you really think you can get a perfect SAT score?
A. Yes, I do, though I have been accused of being an optimist on numerous occasions.
Q. What happens if you don't get the perfect score?

A. It's about the journey (my way of rationalizing, maybe, but it's what I really believe).
Q. Does your son feel more pressure to get the perfect score now that you are doing this?
A. I wish.  No, he doesn't.  That said, he has become more interested in the SATs now that I've climbed into the trenches with him.  In fact, he said to me last night "Mom, when can we do SAT work again?" (I swear to you.  This is an honest to god quote from April 10, 2011)

Q. Do you study all the time?
A. No, I study for an average of 2 hours per day.  You can track my hours on the Project Diary on the site.  I do my best to log the truth every day.

Q. How did you do on the SATs in high school?

A. Abysmally.  Witness my scores on this blog post.

Q. What happens after the year?  Then what?
A. The ACTs!  (Kidding.  I'm actually not sure yet.)
Q. What do you think the SATs are testing?

A. Critical thinking, reading skills, basic core knowledge (i.e. math, vocabulary, grammar, etc.).
Q. Do you think they are a good measure of how well a person does?

A. No!  Listen to this Hash Hags interview for proof that low scorers can still do well in life.  That said, what's the harm in learning more?

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Debbie Stier is the founder of The Perfect Score Project, and is writing a book about her experience of trying to get a perfect SAT score.


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