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Wake-Up America, The Curse is Killing Your Kids

The American Gun Curse was no more horrific than in the December 14 school massacre in Connecticut. It is proposed that prevention science in a concentrated and massive equivalent to the Kennedy-era Moon Mission, or Manhattan Project or the Human Genome Project must be pursued to understand and diminish the horrific use of guns in America. Read More

Wake Up America: The Curse Is Killing Your Kids

Yes. All so sadly true. You're right, this can be tackled just as other huge projects have been achieved. We need to each commit towards this end. In every way we can to achieve this.

Grand Initiative

The groundwork for the Grand Initiative you allude to is already in place with respect to my new ethical technology, which qualifies as the long anticipated foundation for a global system of planetary ethics serving a secular constituency, where such moral issues have typically been downplayed due to well-meaning attempts to avoid religious favoritism. Perhaps if the shooter had been exposed to this additional understanding of the darker side of his motives, then this tragedy could have been averted... Isn’t it time to try all untried approaches ? I have lobbied (unsuccessfully) for such consideration over the past five years on this only to be left to repeatedly be horrified by the Curse (as you term it) which requires both motive *AS WELL AS* handgun opportunity. Please help me make a true and lasting difference ...

This new ethical technology is based upon a master moral hierarchy comprising 1,040 individual terms. The traditional groupings of virtues, values, and vices depicted above specify an elementary foundation for the master three-digit coding system. Aristotle traditionally viewed the virtuous realm as a continuum of mean-values (or norms) interposed between the vices of defect and excess, an aspect favoring moderation insofar as favoring a middle ground. When further expanded to include the additional complement of ethical categories listed below, this unprecedented terminology offers the potential for advancing radical solutions for maintaining global peace and harmony.
Far from remaining a purely academic exercise, this timely innovation addresses many issues of critical import towards preserving global peace and harmony, as in issues of hyperviolence in relation to international terrorism. Undoubtedly the greatest potential for this emerging technology resides in its all-inclusive nature, accounting for virtually every major ethical tradition present on the world scene today, an invaluable resource for research into the field of human potential. A complete major listing of terms is depicted at

I have also posted a 5 min video for distribution
Please help spread the word

John E. LaMuth MSc

The Line Isn't So Straight

One point that your comparison between Canada and the US on their gun violence is the difference in population density. Toronto (the most populace city in Canada, according to Wikipedia) has a population density of about 10,000/sq mi. New York City has a density of 27,000/sq mi. There is also the need to consider value systems, the prevalence of religious belonging, the per capita rate, and any other demographics you could consider. I have seen reports that the United States suffers less gun deaths per capita than countries such as Great Britain, a country with a gun ban in place.

Gun murders

Anonymous wrote:
I have seen reports that the United States suffers less gun deaths per capita than countries such as Great Britain, a country with a gun ban in place.

Where did you see these reports??? Cloud cuckoo land?

The British average around 35 gun murders a year in comparison to the US which has TWELVE THOUSAND!!!

You see even a shred of equivalence in that?

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