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Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Introvert Apocalypse!

We haven’t had the Zombie Apocalypse yet (I think), but Susan Cain may have set off the Introvert Apocalypse. Introverts all over the world have risen up in revolt, demanding validation and basking in the sudden glow of approval and recognition. But this antidote to modernity has some significant issues. Read More

Great post. Its always funny

Great post. Its always funny when someone tries to turn an semi-problem into a virtue. The internet is really home for the introvert, where their social awkwardness doesn't prevent them from interacting with people. I'm an introvert to a degree, I used to be quite shy, I've always worked better alone, and still do. Yet that wasn't my key to happiness. I forced myself to become more social and once I figured it out, its a lot more fun. Now I get people shocked when I tell them I used to be shy and still can be because I'm so "out going".

It's Only Natural

Intraversion and Extraversion are only natural traits.
One is not better then the other. People can't control
these aspects of thier behavior.

I know my comment is going to

I know my comment is going to get plenty of disagreement, but the reality is is that introverts are the minority of the population but the majority of the talented.
Introverts make the bulk of writers, musicians, scientists, artist etc. It is funny to see extroverts deny that fact, pretend it is otherwise, but we all know it is true, regardless of what we write on comments (the truth hurts.
Still, introverts can benefit from cultivating a more diverse social network. It doesn't matter how talented one is if one does not reach out to others. Science, literature, music; they all favor the introvert, but they all also require collaboration with others.

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