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Susan Cain’s Quiet: Is Asian American Silence “Golden”?

Susan Cain's bestseller QUIET contains harmful and misleading stereotypes about Asian Americans. Read More

Here on Psychology Today introversion is a good thing

Psychology Today celebrates introversion. That is why Susan Cain is championed. Those that remain quiet and calm are the heroes. Extroversion and confrontation are personality traits that should be eradicated and are the equivalent of something far more sinister on PT: Narcissism.

But this is what I know. I went to college with large numbers of Asians, both first and second generation. They did great on the tests. They studied hard, eschewed all the social gatherings and rarely spoke in class. They formed Asian study groups and avoided the other classmates.

When I entered corporate American they weren't there. They were never there. Either the Asians didn't apply for the jobs or maybe they didn't get the jobs, I don't know. I've worked in sales, engineering, quality control and accounting. It was rare I worked with an Asian and it was rare I met an Asian at another company. I don't know what happened to them all. In corporate America there is a lot of extroversion and a great deal of confrontation, you have to accept that going in.

"In corporate America there

"In corporate America there is a lot of extroversion and a great deal of confrontation, you have to accept that going in."

And that is the problem.

If I may add on, what about

If I may add on, what about other ethnic groups? Did you see them all over the place and were Asians the one group missing? And about the "They formed Asian study groups and avoided the other classmates." thing, would you have said the same thing if they were all white instead of Asian? My guess is not, yet I've heard every comment about "all these ____ form an exclusive group" but that blank is almost never filled in by the term white or Caucasian

Seriously -- you can't find

Seriously -- you can't find Asians working in corporate America? Google, Yahoo and Facebook's employees are close to 30% Asian! Engineers, accountants, nurses, physicians, analysts - the list could go on and on. I wonder if you've been working in small companies, or maybe you only work in companies that select out the Asians (and possibly other races as well.) Most major metropolitan areas have Asians disproportionately in white-collar professions, and in businesses large and small.

There Are 9 Types Of Man

According to the book "Personality Types," by
Don Richard Riso, there are 9 types of man:

1) Moralists

2) Helpers

3) Motivators

4) Artists

5) Observers

6) Loyalists

7) Enthusists

8) Bosses

9) Peacemakers

Whatever a person's nationality, the are one number, plus
a small amount of the number above or behind it.

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