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Underscoring Amy Chua

Amy Chua always works hard to outscore all of us. I'm here to underscore her, in every possible way. An analysis of the psychological argument of the new book, and what Chua and her husband Jed Rubenfeld might be up to, and offering an alternative cultural project. Read More

Underscoring Amy Chua

I am reading Dr. Chandra's blog after spending two days at a conference with Dr. Karyn Purvis, co-author of "The Connected Child" and her work with children at TCU in Fort Worth, Texas and I have to say, I believe her work is far more beneficial to children and parents, and thus society in general. I would much rather work on nurture, safety, and empowering children to have their own voice. Even though Dr. Purvis works with hurt children, I found myself thinking every parent, myself included, could have done better with the information in this workshop about healthy emotional attachment and care of our children. If only I had been a perfect parent....

Good enough mother

I think Chua hits on maternal (and paternal) anxiety about doing right by your children and helping them find their best chance at security and success. But I think their focus is all wrong - "The Connected Child" sounds more appropriate to me than "The Triple Package".

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