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“Mental Health” is a diversion in the wake of Newtown

Let's not avoid the real roots of gun violence by focusing on mental health. Talk of mental illness effectively immunizes people against personal responsibility for a culture of violence and disconnection. A plea for National Emotional Intelligence. Read More

criminal spectrums

I also hope we will not lose focus on infidelity.The most popular non-violent but aggressive act of "social suicide" by the mentally ill.

We should not allow the non-violent mentally ill,to judge the violent mentally ill.The former blames the spouse,and the latter blames society.Both feel hatred for those who remind them, for what they're not.

Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here after this tragic shooting. A lot more must be done in limiting guns to those who do want to harm others - we are so far behind many European countries.

But the practical things we can do like improving relationships, reaching out to others more is something everyone can do. We do need to break out of the bubble we are living in and reach out more to each other. Not sure how we as a society can move forward on that goal - I think individually we each have the ability to reach out, connect more, help each other more - or even simply say hello to each other more!

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Ravi Chandra, M.D., F.A.P.A. is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and writer in San Francisco, California.


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