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The Rapid Transformation of Business Leaders Is Underway

Recent surveys and research show that the background of today's senior leaders in business is increasingly diverse. Moreover, leadership needs of the future will require different skills, including emotional and relationship competencies. The new findings converge around emerging themes of interconnection and interdependence that are visible in out larger society as well. Read More

And your corporate

world experience amounts to? I am sensing you don't have a lot. More diverse, somewhat. Does that equate to better? Not necessarily. As for emotional and relationship skills being noticed and nourished, well, not so much. the people moving into management in the companies i have been in lately are all seriously lacking in people skills.

My article described survey

My article described survey research data and other findings that point to the themes I described. So it's odd that you seem to be critical of these findings on the basis of asking about my own experience -- which I did not cite or claim. Ironically, you cite your own personal experience as the basis of questioning the data! But you raise a good point about the continuing need for stronger interpersonal skills, which is highly apparent today. Thanks for your comments.

My apologies

I was probably in a cranky mood. The corporate world does that to ya. : - )

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Douglas LaBier, Ph.D., is a psychologist and the Director of the Center for Progressive Development in Washington, DC.


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