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Another Survey Shows the Continuing Toll of Workplace Stress

Yet another survey shows the prevalence of workplace stress across organizations, and in different countries. Most striking is that the majority of those polled say their company does "nothing" to deal with or alleviate stress in their workplace. Read More

Is it a coincidence that

Is it a coincidence that wealth inequality is growing while work stress is increasing? Our economic structure is based on exploitation, and it will only get worse unless we change the way the economy works, and we are not changing anytime soon. Either we make it as the 1%, or we suffer with the rest.

Good point. Values are

Good point. Values are embodied in public policy, and they reinforce each other. Thanks for your comment!

The squeeze is on

and the government is making it worse. The job market is stagnant, causing workers to feel trapped and the burdens of costs on the working are going up (thanks ACA).

Exploitation is easy to accomplish due to government being to big, having its fingers in everything. The corporations have the power in our government and the bigger its power becomes, the bigger the corporations power becomes and the more they can exploit.

They use "regulation" to their advantage. They squeeze out competitors thereby allowing them to better control the market, lessening the job market as well, allowing them to spend less on their biggest expense, and they lessen their liability costs as well. The big boys actaully like the "government's regulation".

I sort of agree with you, but

I sort of agree with you, but only sort of. Government is not the problem, but the wrong kind government is. No amount of deregulation is going to force corporations to treat workers as human beings, if it were true the late 19th century and early 20th century would have been an utopia (they weren't, they were a nightmare as far as workers were concerned). I like my weekends and holidays thank you very much, and they exist because at one point the government so it fit to give workers some rights. The problem is a government for the rich, as opposed to a government for the people.

And I sort of don't disagree with you

but when you have a government the size of the government in the states is, which has it sticky fingers in every conceivable pie, it makes it too easy for the big corporations to take advantage of that, and it is no longer then a government of the people.

I am not against a government but I take issue with the size and control it has because of the corruption that inevitably follows. See Rome, Egypt, England a few + centuries ago, Cuba, China for centuries where the people of government lived quite well, and the great masses stayed poor, the U.S.S.R. .... Power corrupts - in big corporations, AND in big government.

The pendulum has swung too far the other way from the late 19th century and the effects ironically are becoming the same. People have to work two jobs to keep up.

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