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PT down the tubes

Psychology Today has gone down a notch and lost credibility by giving this snake oil salesman yet another platform to make his pitch and hawk his products. Zak is an economist. If he has any credentials at all in the field of psychology -- other than his own say-so -- I would like to see them. Serious researchers and scientists scoff at his notions of moral molecule and love drug, but he's quite adept at sensationalizing and making money off of his bizarre and self-serving interpretations and conclusions. Psychology Today should rethink their role in this. I have lost a lot of respect for them, seemingly seeking to ride his coattails. Very not cool.

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I see you registered for a while, was that because of SEO?

Had to add you to my weekly website list, keep up the good work!

Jim, you sound like somebody

Jim, you sound like somebody who has very narrow mind and who judges by appearances. It's unhealthy to be so negative all the time and scraping the internet in search of trolling victims. Get a life.

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Paul J. Zak is a neuroeconomist at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA.  His book The Moral Molecule will be published in 2012.


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