The Moral Molecule

Neuroscience and economic behavior

Can Neuroscience Improve the Selection and Hiring Process?

Watch my video interview with Shanil Kaderali

In this interview, I discuss how neuroscience can be applied to the recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes in order to help companies hold their own in the "war for talent" as competition for the best employees continues to heat up despite ongoing global economic uncertainty.

In my ongoing effort to apply neuroscience to management issues, I've been exploring how the science of oxytocin can be applied to increase cooperation at work.  The theory I developed to explain this, called Ofactor, now has been extensively tested.  The eight OXYTOCIN factors explain organizational trust and each indivdually predicts positive outcomes for organizations.  

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The video here is a discussion of these findings, how to apply them, and if they can be used to help select employees.


Paul J. Zak is a neuroeconomist at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA.  His book The Moral Molecule will be published in 2012.


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