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A Little Love Affair

There is love to be found, even at 85, when one answers someone’s cry for help. Read More

What happened to the kitty?

What happened to the kitty? How is your mother doing now?

The kitty is taken care of by

The kitty is taken care of by the vet. My mother reports on him every day.

And that's exactly how I got

And that's exactly how I got my cat! I found him as this sick kitten and at first the answer was "No! You are not keeping that kitten he is going to the shelter" I told my mother that if I had to take him to the shelter I needed someone to hold the box while I drove. The little stinker stuck his head out of the box and mewed at my mom, we didn't make it 5 min. in the car before it was turned around and now it's a year later....I got another one he was lonely when I was gone all day. ^_^



good thing your cat didnt end up with a crazy stalker, or

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