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Release the Past So You Don't Get Stuck in Groundhog Day

In what ways are you stuck in "Groundhog Day" – so focused on the future and full of judgment about the present moment, that you miss potentially rewarding opportunities and relationships. Do you keep repeating the same patterns and expect different outcomes? Learn how radical acceptance, love, and compassion can build new brain pathways and break negative cycles. Read More

Patterns for Quick Fix

This is a good reminder for me and many people about the patterns we make when we face challenges in life. Too anxious to resolve the problem, we go for quick fix, easy fix that will give instant gratification but something we will regret later. Sounds familiar? I have learned that we need to live with nature- not only of the environment- but of our own selves. That we need to nurture our feelings, our attitudes and all that inner power we have. Like planting a tree, we need to wait for the right season for the fruit and beauty to come. We need to have faith in this process and be patient. And patience can mean, doing bits of kindness, positive outlook and physical wellness until that inner peace is achieved.

Arbinger comes to mind

Hi Melanie

Nicely written piece. The only thing that I'd ask is did you choose to omit the Arbinger Collusion Diagram on purpose or did you feel that it was out of the scope of the piece as you wrote it?

Love n Hugs

EMDR to release the past

Hi Melanie,

One method of changing the neural pathways to release the past is through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This integrative eight phase therapy involves brief exposure to and mindfulness of perceptual, cognitive, emotional and somatic aspects of a disturbing experience, with bilateral eye movements, tones and/or tapping added during the reprocessing phases to help reconsolidate the memory so we don't keep repeating the past.

The movie Groundhog Day is a great way of illustrating these concepts. Very creative! Thanks!


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