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The Road to (Leadership) Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Don't pave your own road to leadership hell. How good intentions may not have the impacts we desire. Read More

Very insightful! I have

Very insightful! I have enjoyed reading this piece. It is sometimes astonishing how some of us yearn to know what other people think of us and our way of doing things yet we get upset if some unpleasant facts about us are told point blank. Is it better to know or not to know what other people think of our way of doing things? I once had this 360% evaluation of the director of my organisation. I was unconfortable when later he called me and commented on some of the details I mentioned about his style of management.

Thank you

Thank you Sylvanus for your feedback on the article. I am glad it resonated with you. You raise an important point regarding how we each deal with feedback that does not match how we see ourselves. Powerful lessons for each of us.
It is most unfortunate that your director called you in to speak with you about your 360 comments. It does not sound like a positive process. Although valuable, we have to be careful about how they are conducted.

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