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Three Disturbing New Developments on ABC's "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette"

In the first chapter of my book, I invented an imaginary panel of unethical Psychological consultants who advise the producers of ABC's "Bachelor/Bachelorette" show on how to manipulate people into false feelings of love. Laying bare the show's manipulative elements dispels any illusion that what is manufactured on "The Bachelor" is anything like “love.” Read More

Nighttime soaps

I'm astonished that anyone with half a brain can stand watching such cliched crud for long enough to be able to do a cogent deconstruction, so good on you. Selling books is a tough biz, but someone's gotta do it.

There is something to be said for having a good childhood trauma story handy. Chicks eat that stuff up. Superman's vulnerability is like their madonna/whore complex for men. But I suppose you're right about the timing issue being critical.

"I want a fairy tale even a ghetto fairy tale as long as it has a happy ending."
- a single mom on some dating website

Anything to stay current...

Thanks...I think? ;)

These shows have an average weekly viewing audience of about 10 million viewers and, unfortunately, some portion of viewers seem to take their cues from shows like these. So, yes, while I take no particular pleasure in watching these shows anymore, it does provide some culturally relevant material for what not to do in matters of love.

Thanks for reading my blog post.

There is a HUGE, constant

There is a HUGE, constant presence in these shows that participants aren't aware of fueling their "lovey-dovey" feelings; misattribution of arousal.

Being flown around the world, being introduced to novelty and excitement, it's no surprise that they "fall in love."

What is less surprising, is how the return to the real world fails to continue the romance.

These shows know how to start a relationship with a bang, and then send to people off destined for failure do to having no idea how to maintain that romance.


You are exactly right - I went into this in much greater detail in the first chapter of my book. They are really dating "ABC" in a way since ABC provides this fantasy life that no one can sustain!

I've never bothered to watch

I've never bothered to watch this show, but I am curious: how did this guy behave that you would define him as sadistic? (I am referring to your quote below.)

"Of course, it soon became clear that her judgment was dangerously impaired, as she had fallen head over heels for a sadistic man who appeared devoid of a conscience."

I believe that she is

I believe that she is referring to Bentley pursuing Ashley without any intention of being with her. Ashley was very torn up and heart-broken over it, as she felt [it seemed] strongest for him, and he basically couldn't have cared less (while not being upfront with her, causing her even further confusion and torment).

TV edits out a lot for sure,

TV edits out a lot for sure, but, since you asked, there were several extended clips of this particular individual relishing his plan of tricking this particular bachelorette contestant, getting her wrapped around his finger (or possibly some other appendage) and then hurting her. He was your basic player in some ways, but what was difficult to watch was how hard he worked to convince her that what they had was special and unique while he was simultaneously telling the entire viewing audience that she wasn't his type and he wasn't really into her. She seemed like a nice person, from the (albeit) edited clips that I saw of her and she acknowledged that this part of the show was humiliating to her in retrospect. You probably used your time well in not watching the show.

You can delete my response

You can delete my response above, as I just saw yours :)

As far as I'm concerned...

... people foolish enough to put themselves on these shows deserve everything they get. Let's be honest here, many want fame/money/better opportunities.

You seem to still have your heart intact but it's holding back your critical thinking. When it comes to showbusiness there's no need to empathize with people who are most likely extremely self interested and are there just to increase their access to opportunities.

Easier to say "disturbing"

Easier to say "disturbing" than to say "I am disturbed", isn't it? I mean, one could view these matters just as they are, without being overly "disturbed". One might draw similar conclusions, but probably be able to think more clearly if not "disturbed". And be less inclined to react, but more inclined towards analysis of the whole situation. Possible? :-)


Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.

Besides the fact that

Besides the fact that everyone on the bachelorette look exactly alike. While the world is full of diversity, these shows tell teenagers and young females to search for overly sensitive tall, buff, mostly Caucasian men to tell them about their most traumatic experiences and women will sweep them up and tell them the same and they will live happily ever after in the first 5 minutes of meeting!

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