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More Commentary on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette

My goal in deconstructing elements of ABC's The Bachelor is to illustrate the powerful pull of factors we often overlook during the initial “cocaine rush phase” of falling in love. Read More

But "The Bachelor" Is FAKE, Remember?

I've made this point on another blog about "The Bachelor," but it's worth noting again: NOBODY on that show is actually looking for a spouse! Come on, how many of the "winners" have actually married the bachelor who picked them?

It's incredibly obvious that almost all the contestants on TV shows like this are aspiring actresses, models, and singers who hope that national TV exposure will be good for their careers. NONE of the women on "The Bachelor" are hoping to get an engagement ring at the end- they're hoping to get some commercials or some paying gigs.

These women are as far from romantic, starry-eyed ingenues as you can get. They are extremely realistic!

Also, the evil psychologists

Also, the evil psychologists have another "tool" to make the contestants fall in love, that is, the theme itself. The fact that the contestants have to compete with each other to win the "bachelor/bachelorette" is a powerful tool that helps the show. It increases the perceived value of the bachelor/bachelorette and makes them seems extremely worthy of their affections. Also, if you have all these hoops contestants have to jump thru to "get" the bachelor/bachelorette it can instill a false sense that the person muyst indeed be worth all the trouble... its basically resolves their cognitive dissonance.

Great writing

Very well written article. I am fascinated by the psychology behind this show. I will definitely be buying your book.

Thanks - your kind comment

Thanks - your kind comment made my day. Happy reading!

Thank you for this! The first

Thank you for this!

The first time I saw The Bachelor a few years ago, I was repulsed by it.

It seemed designed not only to exploit the illusions and naivete of young women who were not nearly as sophisticated as they wished to appear, but to result in causing them real emotional harm.

The popularity of the franchise offers revealing insight for students of mainstream American culture.


You may also enjoy the blog post I just made in that case...

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