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Online Dating and Introverts: A Good Match

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Now this days online dating

Now this days online dating is very common some people can find their kind of partner via a online dating.. This is great article and good suggestion.. Thank you for write this.!!

sometimes extroverts are looking for introverts too

Strange as it may sound, dating sites like this are of interest to some extroverts too. I know an extroverted woman who spent years going to loud parties and mixed-gender events and never found anybody she really liked. Then she tried one of the online sites and found a shy, introverted, loving and talented man who she married!

The lesson she learned from this is that the type of man she was looking for would never show up at any of the loud party events she spent fruitless years attending.

I totally agree. I met my

I totally agree. I met my wife of almost five years online. Trying to date in the traditional way was murder for me. Besides beign an introvert, I am also a stutterer. The quickest way to end any shot with a woman is to fall all over your self trying to say hello or fail miserably at trying to say your name.

I am also a writer, so online worked wonderfully. I got to know people before the first phone call. If nothing else, it gave them a chance to know me before the first phone call. And I could let them know about my speech beforehand. A warning always helps. She quickly reached the point where she didn't notice my speech, to the point she forgot to tell her brother before he met me. He wasn't expecting it and was caught more than a little off guard.

What made it work for us was being honest about ourselves, our interests and experiences. I an a Christian and was looking for a fellow Christian woman, but the profiles where they said their church and faith was first and foremost didn't attract me like I thought it might. I know myself, and as much as I wanted those things to be my top priority, I knew they weren't. In my profile, I wrote just that: I wished I could say my faith and relationship with God were tops in my life, but in reality the overwhelming thing is my love for cars and racing. Lo and behold, my now-wife liked old things and old cars, so that caught her attention. She was looking for someone who liked old cars. Score one for honesty.

I am very sceptic and

I am very sceptic and negative about online dating, it is somehow false. I feel like i am lying the person on the other side. On other hand i am quite highly introverted so i dont have much (at all) comunications with ppl outside of my quite small friendly group. So i end up at some endless loop. Deep at my mind there is a thought that when the "time" comes everything will go ok, althou i dont do anything for the happening of that "time". The other thing is that i feel that i am pretty ok bieng by myself.

i dont even know what i am trying to say with all of this, it is abit messy...

I definitely donot feel ok

I definitely donot feel ok with myself I know I am a weirdo to ppl in my neighborhood. I really don't talk to anyone and I've been living there for 9 years. i'll stay in the house all day and talk to no one. I'm really fine withthat. I think I am on the extreme end of being and introvert. I've been thinking of online dating lately because it will be the only way i'll ever meet anyone. Anyway like you I don't even know what I'm tryin to say with all nof this because I don't want to write and article and I know I am veery much messy. Reading all of this has been great knowing I am not alone in being so different. I was beginning to think maybe I'm actually Autistic and it's never been diagnosed.

you are definitely not alone at this

i totaly know what are you trying to say (or not knowing how to say but feel/live with). Some time ago i also got some thoughts about being with some light form of authism... I dont know... Most of the time i feel that i am not born at the right time/era. It is quite hard for me to blend in and when i am trying to do it, i need to make compromise with my innerself and thats very tiresome and exhausting. Often i am wondering if its worth all the troubles...

Although i like my solitude moments it feels always good when knowing you are not alone at all that mess

online dating and introversion

I've done lots of online dating and I've yet to meet a truly introveted woman. Do they even exist? Every profile I read describes being outgoing and searching for someone similar. Either female introverts don't exist or they don't admit to being one in their profile.

you forgot a third possibility

Or they don't post. Of course introverted women exist. You need to refine and broaden your search techniques.

If introverted women are reluctant to say so in their profiles because they think it's an unattractive trait, then one way to get around that is to state in your profile that you are looking for introverted women. And put a positive spin on it saying what you like about such women -- more thoughtful, contemplative, not loud party animals, etc.

I feel the only way for me to

I feel the only way for me to pursue internet dating is to visit a niche site matching my faith beliefs, and to be clear and upfront about my peaceful and sensitive nature (introversion). That said, it feels like a massive amount of effort as one meets people in every circumstance of life. And I prefer to be fully present to a person and take in all aspects of them, to feel if there is any possiblity of a connection. I am curious about new people and potential partners and enjoy meeting such in the real world, if the circumstances and environment are compatible with my sensitivity. ie no late night crowds, bars, parties etc. Much better for me at a (very!) small group daytime meet or casual social introduction.

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