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The Introvert's Corner Holiday Survival Guide

A roundup of posts to help introverts through party season
We're in the heat of the party-family-togetherness season and introverts may be starting to feel the strain, so I thought it would be useful to collect all the relevant posts I've written over the past couple of years into one Introverts' Corner Holiday Survival Guide. And remember that the comments, thanks to the wonderful readers of this blog, are full of ideas and insights.

We Gotta Fight For Our Right Not to Party

Solitude vs. Socializing: When To Say Yes, When To Say No

Find a Therapist

Search for a mental health professional near you.

Fear Of Missing Out: Why We Say Yes When We'd Rather Say No

Party Survival Tactics for Introverts 

Chit-Chat 101

The Perils Of Listening Well

Plug Energy Drains With These Magic Words

There Must Be 50 Ways To Leave A Party

Affirmations For Introverts

And please check out this post on my other blog, Real World Research: Fear of Parties: One Good Reason.

Happy Holidays, One and All!


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