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The Narcissistic Politician

To quote Nietzsche, "The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others." Politicians are not saints, and some can be narcissistic because grandiosity and entitlement are contagious. They may inspire or annoy us, but politicians can make big errors in judgement; and we all lose. Here's how we can do better. Read More

Everything you said about

Everything you said about narcissists in politics apples in spades to our Narcissist-in-Chief. But horrors! No one dares mention the name of that emperor-with-no-clothes, that elephant-in-the-room.

Yeah, just to be fair...

"Just to be fair, self centeredness is not exclusively a Republican problem."

You think? Obama could possibly be the most narcissistic leader this nation has ever had by a factor of 10. He has shown more narcissism in 1 day than Christie has in his life.

Liberals are some of the most arrogant, self-centered, narcissists ever. Right Carolyn Kay?

Actually those on the

Actually those on the Sociopathic continuum tend to be conservative.
They hate weakness in others- and call them takers and leaches.

Narcissism of course can be seen in both liberals and conservatives- but looking at the political alignment today- Obama's more caring and altruistic outlook like for health care reform, the environment are more humanistic and empathetic. Narcissists, Psychopaths/Sociopaths lack empathy and compassion for others.

Having narcissistic traits and being a full fledged NPD is another matter. Ayn Rand writer of 'The Fountain' Head and 'Atlas Shrugged' is a personal hero of Paul Ryan and Ronald Reagan- she was a raging Sociopath, who hated liberals, Communists and despised the weak.

Let's not generalize,

Let's not generalize, painting whole groups with rigid definitions. Yes, anyone can be a narcissist. Yes, there is a narcissistic continuum. The point is that in painting whole groups as "empathetic and humanistic" or "haters of weakness" we prevent ourselves from seeing individuals as they are. ("Can't see the tree for the forest.") At any given time, an individual is doing what he wants to be doing. I have finally learned to accept that and to choose to try to protect myself from others' potential negative effects on me.

Your post does nothing to

Your post does nothing to look at the 'Narcissistic Society' in which we live. To protect oneself from others is fine- but in the future (near now) we face an environmental disaster- selfishness or altruism? Will fix the huge hole we are in.

I am an independent and

I am an independent and conscientious person who is already doing everything I can to use resources wisely. I can't personally save the world from any kind of disaster (including military or economic). (Neither can you.) All I can do is to try to survive the dangerous vortex we currently find ourselves in, which I am trying to do for myself and my family. I am almost 70, have had to struggle for much of my life, and do not have the luxury of putting all my energy and resources into saving the world. Narcissists are users and takers (I speak from long personal experience) and I personally will do my best to stay out of their way. Self-preservation is fundamental.


We do live in Narcissistic times.
Are we ready to change?


No mention of Bipolarity.

Typical Mark.

Very Fair Comment

David, have a point.
Don't want to go into too many directions.
But, Bipolarity is an important issue here.

Will see how I blend it into future posts..or this one.

Thank You....

From my own personal

From my own personal experience- Narcissists are both users and takers and exploit others to the maximum they can get out of them.

They exploit other good natured human beings, key into their weaknesses with an uncanny ability and then they proceed to suck their souls dry. They have no empathy, conscience or remorse. I am speaking of those with strong traits or the Personality disorder.

I have seen the one I know fool those with A PhD. In Psychology. And others with advanced degrees. In this case personal experience trumps book learning. That is how clever these people can be. Once you get to know them, and they begin to grow tire of you for not giving them 'supply' the true evil comes out. Beware.

It looks that “normal, honest

It looks that “normal, honest person” cannot be politicians because s/he will not be able to get enough money/support nor has the” right connections” to run for a seat in any high top job government office. I wrote the following commentary about the article: Are Wealthier Congress Members Also Smarter?

Supposedly, brainier people behave in different ways than some of our congress members, independently of their wealth and education; it is reprehensible the ways than some of them, especially some republican members of the house and senate talks, behave, act, and vote about important issues that will influence and in some case will diminish the quality of the American lives. I cannot understand how those “smart people” act like spoil, stubborn, immature, irresponsible, narcissistic, and some with little work ethic teenagers; the only explanation I came with is that some of them are senile, sociopaths or have serious mental and ethical issues. Any person that run for a congress office should have a psychological evaluation because it is very dangerous to put the future of our country on the hands of people that have some mental issues; I think that if all the members of the congress will have this kind of evaluation the psychologists/psychiatrists will have a ball! I truly believe that excessive stubbornness -like some of the congress members show frequently- is stupidity!
A very practical example of a psychological evaluation: I am a retired M.D. from a Latin American country, and we had an eight hour psychological test as a part of the medical school admission exam. I don’t know if it done in US for any graduate school admission exam.

When the politicians are elected they behave like they own the counties/states/country and they forget their employer: the American people!


Some would argue that we get what we deserve.
So few Americans are involved with the process.
Plus, we are taken with the cult of celebrity.

We end up with performers and not necessarily competent leaders...


"We" is a big amorphous

"We" is a big amorphous abstract term. "I" as an individual must choose and act. "I" as an individual must see others clearly: as individuals. "If not I, who? If not now, when?"

The Obama Blindspot

You talk about Chris Christie, when you have Obama who exhibits all nine symptoms of DSM-IV's Narcissistic Personality Disorder?!! People with narcissistic personality disorder are typically described as arrogant, conceited, self-centered and haughty. His excessive use of the word “I” is a good indicator. Mentally healthy people do not say, “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Obama’s childhood can only be described as chaotic and highly dysfunctional. He was thrown in one culture after another where he did not fit in and was abandoned by his parents. His upbringing was an incubator for narcissism.

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