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a number between 5 and 10

We understand that this is the new formula, a number between 5 and 10 with advice to address most of our issues.

Most professional people are extremely busy and writing nuanced article with real depth takes much longer than what life force most of us want to make available for that.

So my own comment is just as simplistic as the article so I certainly can't blame the author for it.

At the same time how to we address in a public media and in a meaningful way the thousands shade of grey that makes up our life.

Thanks for the comment

You are quite correct that life is filled with Grey.
It sure is. And, I agree that our media tends to make things superficial etc.

This piece is written in the Genre of a life coach.

Heather can speak for herself.

My reading is that Heather is trying to instill a belief that change is possible.
It is not a manual on change, but rather a piece of inspiration.

And, that is worth a lot.

The rest is commentary.

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