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Angry Boys: Sometimes, Mom Is Not Enough

Young men can be quite narcissistic. They don't like being told what to do, and if insulted or shamed, some will rage. Whether a family is intact or not, a boy's father can play a unique role in dealing with male rage. Here are some tips on raising a great son. Read More


...But bound to be unpopular with the LGBT community.

Angry Boys article

This article is very worthwhile. Dr. B. makes many strong points about the need for both parents in their children's lives. As a mom, it is truly difficult to manage teenage sons alone when there is a problem or disagreement between them. Boys can love and appreciate their moms but need a father's guidance and structure. A mom can be a great mom but can't fully teach a boy how to be a man. Men should not lose sight of how important that job is.

A mom can be a great mom but

A mom can be a great mom but can't fully teach a boy how to be a man..... COULDNT AGREE MORE, my mom never really whipped me when I was a kid, and I was never intimidated by her, but when my dad was around before the divorce, he beat my ass when I did something stupid or smarted back to him or her, which I WILL do to my son, he can call the law if he wants, bail is set in 24 hrs or less. But I will not have my kids growing up to be "punks" like a lot of kids these days.

..or making the mistakes I

..or making the mistakes I made and screwed my life up with my record. The difference between me and some people, I learned(after two times), not to steal shit.

We Agree Big Time

Moms count.
Dads count.
Kids benefit from two parents.
The key is that they need to be healthy.


Honoring Men

The single biggest issue that causes a lot of error in families is how the men are dishonored. Women in our society don't realize that men would rather be given respect than love. Though it is altogether different when a dad dies as my dad did in Vietnam, as opposed to him leaving via divorce, still my mom was left with four boys to raise by herself. One thing she absolutely abhorred was women who dishonored men. Feminism was the ultimate sin to her. She knew what is was like to not have the man in charge and knew first hand how critically important the husband and father was to the wife and their children. Thus, she made sure that she honored him in front of us even long after he was gone. Her gratefulness for him honored our dad's memory. Mom raised four strong, capable men who know their place and eagerly fulfill our roles. My wife who at one time swallowed the 'blue pill' of feminism, is certainly glad that I was confident enough as a man to free her from feminists deceptions.

Can a woman raise sons by herself? It is certainly tough going. But, my mom proved that it is possible when men are so honored, particularly the dad.

Dr. Banshick really hit some

Dr. Banshick really hit some nerves as my life as a single custodial parent of 2 boys.

My sons are angry adults now, and blame me for a lot. But, their father was cold and uninvolved with them. He was also a celebrity baseball player, a local town hero. Then he became very critical of me when the boys were growing up.

So, I liked that you mentioned some fathers who are creeps and destructive. My grown sons seem to be carrying on the fight like little foot soldiers.

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