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Greed & Secret Lives

How the desire for money can make smart people do destructive things. It happens to the very rich and it can happen to you or me. Read More

I think this type of behavior

I think this type of behavior originates with the individual. All people are susceptible to temptation to varying degrees. For example, some poorer people may win the lotto and blow it all in 3 years while others go on to leave very fulfilling lives balancing their time, volunteering, etc. I think your childhood and current lifestyle both play a roll in forming how you deal with this.

I think the most important thing to do is balance your life with friends and family. It's ok to strive for nice things but it should not detract you from the other aspects of your life

For those of you who aren't millionaires you may find interest in this:

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Mark Banschick, M.D., is a psychiatrist and author of The Intelligent Divorce book series.


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