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Waiting Room Etiquette 101

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I could add that, if you do

I could add that, if you do bring video games, it would be very kind to make sure your kid knows not to play them loudly.

Your comment

Thanks, Anonymous. Well said!

I don't wait in the waiting

I don't wait in the waiting room. I go into the building exactly on time.

Relax, you’re safe

For some, sitting in a waiting room might generate feelings of awkwardness or vulnerability or both. Chit chat, cellphone conversations, or anything else they can do to normalize the situation for themselves (goulash and sardines) may simply be their defense against such perceived threats. My own therapist, at the concluding of our very first session, explained to me that her office, and the waiting room adjacent to it, were places of safety and respite for all of her patients. As such, she gently reminded me that whenever I was at her office, it was incumbent upon me to respect other people's need for privacy, quietude, and calm.

Well said

Thanks for your comment - very well said.

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