The Infested Mind

Why humans fear, loathe, and love insects

Delusional Infestations and Real Suffering

What if you believed, really believed, that you were infested with insects? After days of incessantly feeling them crawling under your skin, would it be so irrational to use a razor blade to get to them—just a shallow cut at first? Imagine how far you might go to rid yourself of these invaders… Read More

Delusional Infestations

This is what my 94 year old mother is going through. She is utterly miserable and wants us to move her out of her apartment that she says is infested with bugs. It isn't. She has little cuts all over body and shows them to everyone as a bite ... but they are self induced. She has seen a number of healthcare workers but everyone sends her home and no one can help her suffering. She is on Ativan but only takes it intermittently. No nursing home is available to her. She can't afford it anyway. We are all at a loss as to what to do.

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Jeffrey Lockwood, Ph.D., is Professor of Natural Sciences and Humanities at the University of Wyoming and author of The Infested Mind.


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