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Can Emerging Adulthood Be Mistaken for Mental Illness?

Unfortunately, many emerging adults are inappropriately labeled with mental health disorders by clinicians who fail to grasp the nuances of the emerging adulthood stage. Read More

The phrase is new, but the information?...

I thought that this was something very evident to the population. As I watched my sister go through high school, then did the same myself I noted all of the changes it seemed all of us young folks were going through. Parents talk about teenagers all the time doing all these crazy things and they blame it on the fact that they're teenagers. It seems to me like we, as human beings, are doing something that is changing our brains in a slow, evolutionary way. That has brought on this onslaught of medicated children who in turn are birthing children with similar, yet different issues. Because there are so many more children and adolescents who have mental health issues people seem to panic as soon as something "out of the norm" happens. I think people should calm down just a bit and really analyze before jumping to medication. There's nothing wrong with a bit of therapy, emerging adulthood or otherwise, but immediately diagnosing and medicating is really stirring up the pot in my eyes.

Casey Was Like That!

Casey Anthony, the supposed child killer from a few
years ago was an "emerging adult."
She was 22 when accused of the crime. She was torn
between the child she didn't want to have, and her yearning
for freedom.
The two state appointed psychatrists found NO signs of
pathology. Guilty or not, she was a confused young woman
unsure of her footing.

You won't believe it

But at 25, I was slightly surprised that, maybe, I was not a kid any more, since I noticed being treated as an adult.

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Melissa Deuter, M.D., is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.


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