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7 Factors Affecting Orgasm in Women

Many developmental issues affect women’s sexuality. In this blog, we focus on seven psychological factors that tend to negatively impact a woman’s sexual desire, arousal and orgasmic capacity. Understanding these issues is useful in helping women achieve richer, more satisfying sexual lives. Read More

Excellent.. Thank you for the

Excellent.. Thank you for the article.. I needed to read this..

Holding Back

Dr. Firestone has a clarity and transparency that warrants our attention. Reaching within to realize higher levels of understanding and trust leave one inarguably more vulnerable. It is my belief that embracing this open state heightens our receptivity, with trust and the desire to understand others becoming as beautiful as the morning fog unflowering the sunrise. I would welcome Dr. Firestone's response to the Isla Vista tragedy and his perspective of how alienation and polarization may influence and or distort one's coping mechanisms.

Um, maybe a woman should have

Um, maybe a woman should have written this instead. Just sayin'.

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kids with attention deficit disorder might be hyperactive, having problems by sitting continue to be actually for a common menu while dining.

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Robert W. Firestone, the author of The Fantasy Bond, Voice Therapy, Compassionate Child Rearing and many other books and articles.


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