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Babysitters from Hell

It is rare for a nanny or babysitter to kill a child s/he is hired to love and protect. This fact is little consolation for the families who live through it. Read More

Does s/he talk negatively

Does s/he talk negatively about previous families? (red flag)

Unless the employer identify themselves with her/his previous employer or have things to hide, they should not care about it. What if the babysitter was a lesbian and her previous employer had issues with that? It's not a performance issue then, but a personality conflict...prejudiced issue. Interviewing is a two-way street -- the babysitter has as much a right to know what kind of employer she is going to work for. Maybe discussing the type of boss she doesn't want to work for, is easier in the end and more the point. She'll weed out the bad bosses. The "power" and decision making ought to go both ways IDEALLY.

I know there are bosses and job influencers who dislike Introverts -- they write tons of articles in mainstream media and job sites like Workoplis. I have a right to not get involved or work for those people who are going to end up discriminating against me and make my life miserable, right??? It's the same thing as, if you don't like the colour of my skin -- why would I want to go to hell early?

I don't like many of the job

I don't like many of the job LinkedIn influencers...some of them just spread their own hate and biased opinions as though they are scriptures from God or the bible. So to succeed, one must follow through.

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