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A Psychological Profile of a Poisoner

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Aspie and poison

I know this is an out of date post but I think I'm having an Agatha Christie moment. Without going into too much detail, I suspect that my much younger and very dependant Aspie husband may indeed been using me as a lab rat. He has a long working background in pharmaceuticals and an obsessive interest in same. I also think finacial greed and to a very much lessor extent, lust is the "logical" driving force. I have removed the financial incentive and feel relatively safe but I wonder how I could have missed the obvious drivers of his need to remove the "obstacle"! Just counting the days until my own "Stockholm Syndrome" ends and I can put the last miserable 8 years behind me. I am now heartily sick of Aspie Apologists - they are the ones with the problem, why should the functional humans (not Aspie neuro-typical labelling) bear the enormous cost of their "disability"!

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