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Female Serial Killers

Just because female serial killers aren't as flashy as males doesn't mean they aren't as deadly. Read More

I think older generations

I think older generations knew this( or were more willing to accept it) better then younger ones. Look at snow white, cinderella, and sleeping beauty for examples.

Amnesia regarding Violence by Women

Yes indeed. Older generations did now it. In the US there were times in the 19th and 20th centuries that a daily newspaper might cover two or three new cases in a single issue. It took a lot of effort, starting in the 1950s, for criminologists and other activist social scientists to erase this and other types of data regarding the history of violence by women from public discourse.

2 examples (that can be found on google:

“Another Female Poisoner.” The Bloomfield Times (New Bloomfield, Pa.), Jun. 10, 1873, p. 4

“Three women Who Admit Poisoning 29 Persons,” syndicated, Lock Haven Express (Pa.), May 1, 1925, p. 2

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