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Reasons for the Surge in Births to Single Women

Throughout Europe, births to single mothers more than doubled between 1990 and 2010 (from 17.4 to 38.3 percent). Imagine if it were to increase at the same rate for the next two decades! Such rapid changes are very unusual historically. They cry out for explanation from social scientists. Read More

It is confusing and maybe

It is confusing and maybe misleading to refer to unmarried women as single mothers. Most of them live in commmitted long-term relationships. (I say this as a -- European -- social scientist)

Are women "foregoing marriage

Are women "foregoing marriage " or is it that the men don't want to marry them?

There are a lot of single mothers on dating sites looking for a commitment -- doesn't sound like foregoing to me.


OR, the reason for the uptick among poor women is because the govt. gives them money per child.....

Also, a better way to phrase the overall uptick of children born out of wedlock is a lack of morals-coming from the education system, mass media and entertainment industry. There was a time when whoring around or being a cad was frowned upon-but not now. Even being a perv and jumping in bed with the same gender is now celebrated as morally equivalent to heterosexuality.

Oh, wait, was that PC? I bet not....

Just because a woman does not

Just because a woman does not want to be controlled and stifled by a man does not make her a whore! She should feel free to have sex with whom ever she pleases and if she wants a baby too then GREAT! Times are finally changing. Can all the little men of the world handle it?

Sure, if all the lttle women

Sure, if all the lttle women can handle raising the kids on thier own while the little men enoy their lives free of the shackles of marriage.

I 'm okay with it.

Whores & Cads

Whores and Cads are everywhere these days....because of thought processes like expresses by this online magazine.

Also, getting knocked up isn't about "changing times". If the angry little women (known as femanazis) would understand that then we would all be better off.....including the children-but you can't tell someone selfish that....

That's the last strategy of

That's the last strategy of feminism -- spin the truth into a you -go -girl triumph.

Nigel, If you can call


If you can call yourself a scientist then so can I. Perhaps one of your shoddier pieces of work that iv seen. Stick to bashing religion.


Perhaps you could team up with some neuroscientists, real ones, not like those "futurists", and then attempt to work out why it is impossible to "upload" or "download" information from the brain completely arbitrarily, without causing severe trauma. Nevermind the technology doesnt exist, because as the futurists like to promise all sorts of stuff theyv seen on movies.

There is a point for some women where it doesn't pay to be marrieed

Marriage for mothers and women comes with a down side. the disadvantage of being married are:

1) The doubling of household chores. Study after study has proven that men do not like doing household chores. Women are the ones that will be doing the cooking, cleaning a laundry inside a home, and most of the child rearing.

2) Loss of government benefits. If a couple is married, then both incomes are factored when it comes to SNAP, welfare, food stamps, WIC housing assistance and health insurance. A poor couple is a fool to live together or marry in the US.

3) Financial stress. Married partners serve as a unit when it comes to credit histories and finances. If one person is mismanaging money then the other will suffer.

There is a financial point where a woman doesn't care if she is called a whore and shamed by the rest of society for having a out-of-wedlock child because being married will add more work and more financial worry to her life. You can call women sluts and whores all you want. Itt may make you feel more manly, but it won't change a thing.

An argument against breeding in-wedlock: Greece!

"Greece has an in wedlock birth rate of 94%."

Source: Is Europe proof that intact families don’t really matter? (where there's some actual data presented, graphs, etc.)

Anyway, so what's the (real) reason behind all those reasons that supposedly explain the surge?

We want ultimate, not proximate!

Otherwise, yea, stick to your strong suit of bashing traditional religion.

Not so fast, please

"This phenomenon [U.S. births to single women] is fairly easily explained in terms of declining wages for unskilled workers. Poor men no longer earn enough to be economically qualified for marriage..."

It would be more convincing if you had included some data, with references.

And I would expect declining wages to depress birth rates, ceteris paribus.

There are actually many factors at play here,including unmarried cohabitation, high divorce rates, teenage sex, poor birth control practices, child care and job opportunities for single women, alimony and child support payments for single divorced women, absence of income tax liability (more favorable tax treatment of low wage earners with dependents), government welfare benefits and assistance, and more young adults who themselves grew up in single parent families.

I'm guessing that most women, with or without children, would prefer to be married, if the husband were suitable (non-problematic), and if there were no economic penalties. Low income per se does not make the man unattractive, unless the woman believes she can find something better.

The presence of children probably makes the woman less attractive for marriage or remarriage, which would make her less disinclined to marry a man of low income, if he were otherwise suitable.

Yet another factor is the high incarceration rate for low-income males, and more inter-racial relationships, leaving a smaller pool of marriage-eligible or marriage-inclined males among African-Americans, who are disproportionately low-income.

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Nigel Barber, Ph.D., is an evolutionary psychologist as well as the author of Why Parents Matter and The Science of Romance, among other books.


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