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The Secret of Performance Under Pressure

Some people freeze under the glare of publicity like rabbits in the headlights. Many seasoned performers show no strain however. What is their secret? How can you learn it? Read More

You triggered my thoughts; thanks!

Thanks for your enlightening article!

Your suggestion to 'turn the table' is a great practical advice which will be passed on to my clients at appropriate times.

Your suggestion regarding 'Practice' left me with some doubts: inspit of sufficient practice time, there are those who would never achieve reasonable performance level as air controller in a busy airport or as the commander in chief at an hectic command center. I think that the old fashion 'Traits' buzzword is needed here.

Dr. Joe

Your blog called to mind what

Your blog called to mind what I did prior to taking the written exams for my doctorate, more years ago than I care to remember. Again and again in my mind I imagined walking up the hill to the university, into the psychology building, up the stairs to the room, getting the exam from the proctor, sitting down at the desk, picking up my pen, and beginning to read the questions.

Such desensitization would no longer be possible now that we have computers! But I imagine a similar technique could be employed.

I have to admit, however, that I still get anxious before talks, although it is true that the more I do them, the less painful it feels. Perhaps not like Sinatra, but close enough for me.

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