The High-Functioning Alcoholic

Understanding this Hidden Class of Alcoholics from a Professional and Personal View

The 411 on Addiction Interventions...

Interventions are a group process during which the reality of the identified patient’s (IP) alcohol and drug use is presented to that person by a group of other individuals (ie, family, friends, co-workers). Read More

I just think interventions

I just think interventions are a form of guilt tripping which may work a fraction of the time. But if the addicted individual isnt really ready, they will go through the motions, get help for a short time, and then fall off the wagon. Getting help has to be their idea not yours or anyone else's. My father has been in AA for years and even the court ordered addicts dont last long.

Intervention is a great

Intervention is a great method of persuading an addict but If you think clearly you cant force someone to stop the addiction he/she needs to do it on his/her own than being affected by it that is whyTreatment California offers rehab after intervention as the addict couldn’t resist the urge of being treated after the intervention.

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Sarah Allen Benton, M.S., L.M.H.C., LPC, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and author of Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic: Professional Views and Personal Insights.


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