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When Katrina Happened, Children Drew

It’s the eve of the third anniversary of a disaster that literally drowned a city, displaced thousands, and remains a reminder of failed recovery efforts. Three years later, some children are coping while others still struggle. Take a minute to watch a short film and remember what happened, through the words and drawings of children. Read More

Thank You from Katrina's Children


Thank you for such an insightful article about the children of our film and of our city. Your observations are so accurate.

As a child advocate in New Orleans and a lifelong resident of the city, it seemed obvious that the story of Katrina needed to be told solely from the children's perspective. As you know they are much wiser than many adults and speak a truth that must be heard. All of the children in our film possess enormous raw talent and resilience. It is a priviledge to continue to work with some of them and assist them with their goals.

Dr. Carolyn Gillman of No-Matter-What! is taking the film on an 11 month educational tour around the country, going to conferences, schools and universities. Check out her website: to see her current tour schedule. She would be happy to screen it and have a panel discussion anywhere she is asked to come.

Babs Johnson
Producer, Katrina's Children


Congratulations on a wonderful glimpse into a bunch of beautiful hearts.

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