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Do You Find Yourself Falling For These 12 Familiar Myths?

One of my Secrets of Adulthood (and a point oddly under-emphasized by positive psychologists) is: Outer order contributes to inner calm. More, really, than it should. Why does making your bed make such a difference? Read More

Spot on

Every point you made was so spot on Gretchen. I think I need to print this out and remind myself regularly. Thank you.

Free the Mind

Getting rid of physical clutter frees the mind of clutter as well. It is one less thing that you have to worry about.

You are totally on target!

You are totally on target! For years, I've struggled with clutter and organizing it. Last fall, I finally had an epiphany while trying to organize my linen closet for the umpteenth time, trying for the umpteenth time to find "the perfect solution." I realized the perfect solution was to get rid of the excess linens. In the end, I brought over 45 perfectly good linens to the women's shelter. A lot of them were wedding gifts (from more than 20 years ago) that I thought I'd get around to using one day, even though I hated the colors, etc. Clearly, I told myself, if you haven't used them yet, you're NOT going to. My husband then worried, 'But, but... what if we need them?' I held firm and got rid of them. That clean and now easily organized closet inspired me me to keep going and I've now brought 5 CARLOADS to Goodwill and am still going. What a relief this had brought to my life. That stuff was not only filling space and creating clutter and disorganization, it was weighing ME down.

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