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Today's Smile c/o #Twitter

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Today's smile comes from technology. WIthout twitter, I would never have had the chance to laugh at these.


Real Tweets:

Conan O'Brien @ConanOBrien

I just bought a painting from an emerging abstract artist, or someone just sold me their napkin.


The Onion @TheOnion

"It’s nice to get away, clear my head, and come back invigorated with a newfound disgust for my place of employment"


Steve Martin @SteveMartinToGo

Just hoping the Patraeus scandal doesn't spread to Big Bird.


Luke Burbank @lukeburbank

Looking forward to the day when "Because I was sitting on the toilet looking at my phone for 1.5 hours for no reason" is a legit explanation


From The Washington Post Style Invitational contest: 

Edward Mickolus@EdMickolus

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I wonder what happened to the human test subjects for Preparation G. #wphumor


Not A Comedian@blgphilmd

Do fish on Mercury contain earth? #wphumor


(For a discussion of what prompted the Smile a Day column, see an earlier post)


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