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Shielding Children from Hard Truths Hurts Rather Than Helps

Well-meaning parents try to shield their kids from unpleasant facts, assuming that tough details of reality will upset their children and inflict harm. But evidence to the contrary shows how mistaken they are. Read More

This grabbed me.

I was "sheltered" as a teen and young adult from my mom's dying of cancer. This messed me up so much. When the hospice nurse who was with my mom when I came home from college one weekend said something about how good it was that I was finally there, I didn't comprehend. She was dying, but I couldn't see it and no one was talking about her approaching death. Much much later I realized it was because my parents couldn't face it themselves that they kept us kids out of the loop. Now as a parent of young adults I have ALWAYS pushed myself to be as honest as possible bout our family and the world around them. High five on this, dude.

Thanks for your comments.

Thanks for your comments. Glad this touched a nerve in you.

Many thanks for your kind

Many thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad this resonated with you.

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