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Can Fish Oil Help Preserve Brain Cells?

Fish beats fowl if you want to feed your brain cells. Read More

Thanks for info

I had all but quit taking fish oil. Partly due to lack of discipline and partly because there seems to be so much controversy about any and all supplements. I realize eating fish isn't a supplement but I was taking liquid fish oil. As you may be aware Dr. Cytowic, there was recently a blogger on this site who all but said fish oil was snake oil. But he was not a physician, even so It does get confusing.

I think I will go with the advice of a neurologist over a PHD in another discipline. So I am gong to go take my dose now.

One question. The only supplement I take is vitamin D. My levels were so low that I believe I can tell a difference in my health after getting back to the recommended level. So are their similar studies on vitamin D and the brain?

Sorry to be so long in

Sorry to be so long in answering. I'm not aware of vitamin D studies per se. Getting sufficient sunlight is important. If you have had clinically low levels despite reasonable sun exposure, then a supplement is indicated.

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Richard E. Cytowic, M.D., is a neurologist best known for bringing synesthesia back to mainstream science. His latest book is Wednesday Is Indigo Blue.


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