The End of Work As You Know It

How to redefine work in your own terms

Unleashing Innovation

For some, the word “innovation” conjures up feelings of open frontiers, the future, unbridled possibilities. For others the word conjures up feelings of dread. No matter your current reaction to the word, innovation should be an activity that you eagerly embrace every day. Here are some simple steps you can take to help bring an innovation-oriented mindset to your job. Read More

how about defining innovation

We are living with tons of innovations already which are making humans less wise, less wholesome and more narrow.

Architects lost in concept, believing that their thoughts are real, confusing abstractions for feelings, innovate structures than alienate us from nature and from ourselves all the time.

Grand theft auto, polyester pants, pesticides and chemical weapons are also the product of innovation.

Would be kind of useful to define innovation to begin with and to define what we want to accomplish.

Innovation is the enemy of...

Innovation is the enemy of complacency. True happiness can't come until you learn to be complacent. I know this sounds odd, but as you age, you will know this. Glenn

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Milo Sindell and Thuy H. Sindell are workplace experts and the founders of two software companies: Hit The Ground Running and Knowledge Genie.


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