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How the Tigers, Dolphins, and Jellyfish Parents Differ

The tiger parent is an authoritarian parent, taking over their child's sense of internal control and self-motivation. The jellyfish parent is a permissive parent. They tend to lack impulse control. The dolphin parent is the balance of these two extremes and are authoritative in nature. Like the body of the dolphin, they are firm yet flexible. What kind of parent are you? Read More

On Tiger Mom

It seems that the table doesn't capture the core difference in parenting style - the role of effort. In Tiger's family, the parents believe that effort is the key to excellence and performance. Whereas the liberal parents believe that individuality and self-paced, self-motivated action will do. And liberal parents will praise their children for whatever the outcome, excellent or otherwise.

jellyfish term

I read a book a few months ago by Barbara Coloroso. I am sure it is at least ten years old. She used the terms backbone, jellyfish and brick wall. You may want to read her book before claiming that you coined the term jellyfish parent.

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