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Attention Parents: Mother Nature Needs Us

Only innovators with twenty-first-century thinking can solve our twenty-first-century problems—but they have to be healthy enough and care enough to actually do so. If ever there was a time to come together and educate your children the important of their individual impacts and effects on the environment – it’s now. Read More

Funny, how did the 60's

Funny, how did the 60's generation really change the world? I wouldn't get to worried about what a survey says.

As for the Mother Nature in Distress, I have an ecology degree among others, and unfortunately much of it is the girl who cried wolf. Environmentalism was taken over in the 90's from true scientists to activists, many of whom needed a place to go after communism bit the dust and they weren't going to find their place protesting capitalism directly anymore.

Teaching your children proper responsibility is important, but we don't need ecowarriors either, most are well meaning but woahfully uneducated and easily swayed based on half-baked activism posing as science.

P.S. Dolphins gang rape, murder other dolphins, murder other dolphin babies and murder their own babies.

Leave the politics at home

Dr. Kang, leave your politics at home. This web site is about psychology, not environmentalism. You're creating kids that are fearful of their own footprints.

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Shimi Kang, M.D., is an award-winning, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and author of The Dolphin Way.


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