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Why Do We Lie?

Just who is brainy enough to master the art of the bluff? If lying creates headaches, then why do we do it? Because, let’s face it, we just can’t seem to help ourselves. Read More

How much of the world today

How much of the world today is built on "truth"?

Surprisingly little.

While the schemers and plotters known as progressives/islamofascists saw technology as the way to harness the masses once and for all, traditionally, its the manner in which the masses finally get to put a leash on the leaders. Unwittingly, they have given, are giving, the masses unprecedented power.

One of those "unintended concequences".

Why do we lie?

I didn't -- I got a 503

I didn't -- I got a 503 error.

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Seth Slater, M.F.A., is a former dolphin trainer for the U.S. Navy and currently teaches creative writing at Cuyamaca College.


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