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Early Detection of ADHD

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really, we don't know

So if Science "rather than a Therapist" now formally confirms ADHD, I guess the hammer of "The Thruth" is now eternally stamped on the person diagnosed.

However a friend of mine had their child diagnosed with advanced ADHD all of its life until the age of 18 or so. 2 years latter that same kid could meditate 10 hours a day for weeks and is a linguist.

My guess is that "Science or not" 100% years from now we will look at ADHD very differently than we do now.

We don't know... we do what we can with what we have and stay open for our "knowing" and "truth" to be reshaped at any time.

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Larry Maucieri, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and an assistant professor at Governors State University. He has published on adult ADHD as well as traumatic brain injury and dementia.


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