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Is the Top Always the Best Place to Be?

Is the top always the best place to be? Maybe not. The pressures, drive, responsibility and hours required may not entice certain very talented people. Holding back may not be due to low self-esteem or lack of confidence, but a deep wish for balance and a realistic sense of the sacrifices involved. This blog explores leaning in versus inner power and autonomy. Read More

The Top is Overrated

Thank you Dr. Barron. I think success has different meanings for different people, and I'm tired of the media peddling the single-minded pursuit of reaching "the top" as the sole definition of "success".

Furthermore, those who are most successful realize that there is no actual "top" to reach. They understand that once they reach a certain "height," they can always keep going higher. Telling someone to "reach for the top" is like telling them to "find the end of the rainbow".

Not to mention, more sacrifices are required the higher one goes. I may not be inclined to go any higher if I'm conscious of what I'm sacrificing, especially if I'm sacrificing something I value deeply.

Dear Kenil, Thanks so much

Dear Kenil,
Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. I agree that success has different meanings for different people and that sticking to deeply felt values is key for being okay.
Best to you,

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