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Is Our Current Culture a Haven For Narcissists?

Research has shown that narcissism is on the rise. Social media has normalized self promotion and rendered once disparaged egocentricity or immodesty, acceptable. Why has our world moved in this direction? There is a spectrum of narcissism. This blog explores healthy and unhealthy, pros and cons. Read More

Narcissism Seems to Pay Off - For Now At Least

I know a married couple that fits the bill. She has over 600 face Book "friends" and works in her family business spending the majority of her time throughout the day on Face Book. He has always been coddled by his mother and told how great he is, although never made it any farther than the family farm. They seem happy in their world. You and I can probably figure out this is a delusion...but they seem oblivious. I wonder if some narcissists just don'e care that they aren't connecting on a physical or face-to-face level with anyone else? I think people can live their entire lives delusional, because this is where they find comfort. They can dream and be whatever they want to be, fueling their egos. You and I know that's a problem, however if they don't know, or won't accept it, is it really a problem? When life hands you a slap in the seems like it might be a pretty sweet place to live. What are the real dangers anyway?

Dear Anonymous, Thanks for

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for writing about the nuances of narcissism. You offer many great points. In a nutshell, I would say that these "delusions" or over inflations of self can be seen as a form of optimism. If one has such confidence, it is easier to go forth. On the other hand a truly narcissistic person has trouble caring for others is a deep way which can inhibit success in all walks of life. True, meaningful connections to others are the best thing that we can have.

Thanks for Your Reply

I agree relationships are very important. Those I spoke of (the narcisssists and pretenders) use relationships to get ahead. Example: Befriending the parent who is most likely to control the family estate, or other parents whose children are more popular with their peers - to try and give their own children an advantage. If one cannot benefit them personally, the narcissist doesn't care to be around them. It is almost like the narcissist/pretender knows how their behavior turns people off who are aware of their behavior, and their goals of gaining poularity and power. The majority of people, more short-term relationships, don't know what they are doing. People that have a longer-term relationship with them can see what they are doing. Maybe this is why Facebook is their friend(s). It just seems pretentious and using of other people. It is bothersome to those of us at the other end of the moral spectrum. I think denial and delusions play a part in this as well.

Dear Anonymous, Great

Dear Anonymous,
Great comment. I appreciate your contribution.

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